About Us

Computer MD Remote is a computer repair company converted to providing remote computer support for the home or small business. Computer MD Remote has grown from a small operation serving Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas, under the name Computer MD Dayton, to a company with the aim of helping anyone, anywhere with an internet connection, re-branding ourselves as Computer MD Remote.

We transitioned to providing remote services when we realized over 90% of our business over the last several years has been performed on working computers connect to the internet. This research showed us all of that support could have been provided remotely, saving us time while providing substantial savings to our customers.

In the case where a physical visit is needed, (and we know there will be) we will help you find a competent technician in your area.

Let us help you with your next computer issue. Give us a call; we’ll figure it out.

Give us a call; we'll figure it out.